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How Can I Monitor my Child’s Text Messages on iPhone

You simply download to your phone, activate the app with a license key and enter the number of the phone you want to monitor. You can be getting content from the phone within minutes! All content gathering is done remotely. Auto Forward Spy establishes a remote connection between your phone and the monitored phone. Simply log into your secure online account after the app is installed to view all collected information. You can spy on any phone from anywhere! I have tested many spy apps over my years and Auto Forward is among the best. It is fast, reliable and best of all, it is developed by a reputable company that has been around for many years.

Their customer is excellent and they stand behind their product.

I encourage you to click on the link below and watch my demo video. Our Review. Today two types of devices dominate the mobile market: Androids and iPhones. Over the years I have learned a lot mostly I learned what not to do! They are:. With the emergence of more powerful utility apps that are now being used to spy on cell phones, I have altered my top picks to better reflect the latest technology.

How We Test and Rate the Best Parental Control Apps

Here they are:. So, how do you sort through the junk? These programs are very powerful and will enable you to spy on a mobile device much like any government or private investigator might and should be used only for legal purposes. Highster Mobile is an SMS tracker and text message spy software that has been on the market for nearly 8 years. It has helped literally hundreds of thousands of people to spy on cell phones and in particular, gather text messages from just about any mobile device on the market.

A superior text message spy, Highster Mobile not only enables a user to retrieve new text messages from any cell phone, it will also extract old and deleted text messages as well. The astonishing thing is that you can do all this without actually having the phone in your possession. It is not uncommon for users to report the extraction of text messages from up to one-year-old.

If you are spying on a an iPhone and you are either unwilling or unable to jailbreak it, Highster Mobile is for you! Their No-Jailbreak program is tops in the industry and, in my opinion, is by far the easiest to use and most powerful. I found that it captures more data, in less time, than any of the competing programs. Access to the monitored device is not necessary.

Activation is pretty fast and fairly simple. I used the OTA over-the-air method to install the program, which allows for the app to be downloaded using only a WiFi connection. I entered my license key, then the telephone number of the phone I wanted see text messages from.

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Top 10 Text Messages Spying Apps For 12222 [UPDATED]

I saw the content of each text, the date and time of the message and the phone number to which is was sent or received. I was pleased to see that it worked so well. Any person who buys this program can actually call the number on the website and speak to a live person. The other is Auto Forward Spy. It also comes with free lifetime upgrades so you never have to buy another SMS text tracking program again. Run the program, and it will automatically detect the iPhone. Click on the device icon to open the device options.

Step 2: By default, you will see the Summary tab where you can also see the Restore options. You can either restore the entire device if you have no problem losing all your other files. But the better option will be using the Backups. You will see the Restore Backup option in the tab. Pick the most relevant backup file and click the Restore button. Wait as the backup is restored on the iPhone and the text messages will be back on the device as if they were never deleted. You can get your hands on the device and reads the messages directly. The restore feature of iCloud and iTunes recover the deleted messages on the iPhone so that you can access it.

But you still have to gain physical access to the device to read the messages. Luckily, there is a smarter way to learn how to read deleted messages on iPhone, i. The software is specially designed as a parental control tool.

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With time, the use of the software extended to spying and tracking. So, if you want to read deleted text messages on an iPhone, you can consider using this spying app. There are so many features available in the software that makes it remarkable. Notably, it is the clue and alert messages that allow the users to keep track of the deleted messages. Apart from this, the users can view the sent and received messages on the iPhone.

Part 2: How to Read Deleted Messages on iPhone with iCloud:

You can even download the media attachments in the messages. Step 1: Create a new Spyzie account using the valid email id and password.

You will receive the order confirmation, the download link, and necessary keywords alert on the email. So, make sure that you use an authentic email address. Step 2: On the setup page, you have to fill in the target user information, i. Step 3: As you are trying to read deleted messages of iPhone, pick the Apple OS, and move further with the installation. Enter the iCloud ID and password to verify the account.

Best iPhone Spy Apps

While doing so, make sure that you have enabled the iCloud Sync option in the iPhone. Step 4: Now, you can monitor the target device remotely. You can either use the browser to access the messages or install the application on your phone.

2. TrackMyFone

Open the application and you will see the control panel where all the supported features will be listed. You can easily monitor the text messages and it is very effective. The most surprising thing is that you can avail of these features for free of cost. You can also find some tools that comprise some value-added services but free tools offer adequate features to keep an eye on someone.

How to Monitor Text Messages on Someone's iPhone

The features are not limited to just text messages only, you can get other advanced features as well. Some tools offer access to the contact lists, media and browsing history at the same time.

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