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The dual material frame with shock-absorbing rubber provides your Smartphone from unexpected impact and the anti-scratch coating protects from abrasions, giving your device the unparalleled protection it deserves, freeing you from worry and allowing you to stay ON TRACK. Skip to the end of the images gallery. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery.

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Your iPhone lets you limit the ad tracking available to apps, preventing them from showing you targeted ads. Apps are always asking for permission.

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  • If you download a camera app, it will need access to your camera to work. This takes the form of an actionable pop-up window, where you can grant or deny the request. This is how Apple designed privacy to work on the iOS operating system.

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    You have to manually grant access to information and services, like your location, camera, microphone, health data, and even your Apple Music library. These privacy requests include other apps, like Reminders, Calendar, and Contacts. Apple did this to make it easy to manage your personal information. Not all apps need access to everything they request to function. There are other important options you should check, including advertisement tracking, keyboard access, and browser privacy options.

    You can control what apps have access to from the Settings app. Tap on each of these to see a list of apps that have requested access. Tap the toggle to grant or revoke access to any app you see fit. Revoking access to certain services may have knock-on impacts for the app in question. This is where you control which apps have access to your location.

    Apple® iPhone® - Manage Data Usage

    This can help you understand which apps are using your location:. The hollow arrow often relates to apps that use geofencing, run via widgets, or Apple Watch apps like Weather. You can share your location with other Apple users via iMessage. To do so open Messages and select a contact that is using iMessage your chat bubbles will be blue, not green.

    Top 15 iPhone 8 and 8 Plus Features

    You can toggle any of these off, but most users should leave them enabled. This information is not encrypted and must be made available to Apple anonymously to be useful to them. They can also give away information to anyone reading over your shoulder.

    How do I view my Frequent Locations in iOS 8? | The iPhone FAQ

    Full access allows anything you type using a third-party keyboard to be sent to the app developer. Safari is the default browser on your iPhone. Default settings are suitable for most users, as Safari attempts to limit cross-site tracking and displays a fraudulent website warning for flagged domains.

    Turn GPS on your Apple iPhone 8 iOS 11.0 on or off

    You can go a step further by disabling all cookies. You can also disable microphone and camera access, although websites will display an additional prompt requesting access if required. However, Safari is respectful of your privacy in a way that should satisfy most users. If you want one that goes even further, though, consider:.